Using Emoticons or Emoji

FunnelFLARE now supports emoticons and emoji in email subject lines, and more. Emoticons are nicer icon representations of text such as using 😊 for :)

Why πŸ‘ use πŸ‘ Emoticons?

Emoticons help differentiate your email subject line from everyone else's. While some people have very sophisticated email filters that categorize their emails for them, many people use no filtering or labelling in their email and it's a bit of a mess of text. Adding one or a couple emoticons that help categorize the type of email you're sending can help users quickly find it and understand what's in the email.

Are Emoticons still used todayπŸ“…? 

Yes. As of this writing, we still see both large and small email senders using emoticons in their email subject lines. Everyone from Google to Staples uses them to differentiate email subject lines.

How do I add Emoticons ❓

Emoticon support is built-in to many phone keyboards but is absent from most of our desktop computer keyboards. This Wikipedia reference article has a basic set of emoticons on it, while a full reference of emojis are here (copy from the "Browser" column for it to work on desktop). You can type in the code but it's WAY easier to just copy and paste from reference articles like these into your email/social post.



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