Setting up 2 factor authentication in FunnelFLARE

FunnelFLARE, by default, uses 2 factor authentication (2FA). The single factor authentication system never displays passwords in plain text, all logins are over https, and our system enforces password complexity rules. For many, this works extremely well. Control over Account-level 2FA can be found here:


If this is enabled, it is enabled for all logins for your account.  When a user attempts to log in for the first time on a new browser (or after two factor authentication is enabled) FunnelFLARE will block the login with a request for a code:


This code will be sent to the user's email address


If the code is not entered correctly after three attempts are made, the account will be blocked.  


There are two scenarios that force a two factor login:

  1. Logging in using a new browser (or cookies have been cleared)
  2. Not entering an authentication code for 6 months.
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