Testing Campaigns: Creating & Using Test Contacts

If you have not done so already, you should create at least one test contact when you are trying to test your campaigns, emails, sms messages, etc. Depending on your scenario and the tests you are running you may even want multiple test contacts.


Create Test Contacts

Go to Contacts > New Contact. Fill in all the necessary details. At a bare minimum give a first name, last name, and email address for your test contact(s). If you are testing calls or sms messages, include a phone number.

Do not use the email address you used when signing up for FunnelFLARE - more on that below the screenshot.


Do Not Use Your Business Email Address For Testing

For test contacts it is recommended you use your personal email address and NOT an email address on the same domain name that you used to sign up with FunnelFLARE.

For example, if the email I use for FunnelFLARE is myname@mycompany.com, I do not want to use this email or any other email on mycompany.com for my test contacts.

FunnelFLARE identifies contacts as 'employees' of your company by looking at the email domain name you used to sign up with - and thus treats them differently than regular contacts.

Use your gmail, yahoo, outlook, or some other email address that is not associated with your business.


Tip for gmail users: 

In the earlier screenshot you might have noticed the email used was myname+1@gmail.com.

Let's say my real gmail address is myname@gmail.com, but I want to make 3 test contacts for FunnelFLARE and also be able to receive these test emails. I can create additional contacts in FunnelFLARE with working email addresses by appending a "+" symbol followed by at least one character before the '@' symbol to my personal email address.

For example:



So, if you count your real personal gmail address, you now have three test contacts capable of receiving test emails. This works automatically with gmail. Just create these contacts in FunnelFLARE and begin using them. 

You can create as many email addresses as you like using this method. 


Using Test Contacts

You can now use these test contacts when building and testing your campaigns. 

When testing your campaigns, you may want to turn the following option off on the Campaign Overview tab:


Just do not forget to turn it back on before putting real contacts through it. There are legitimate reasons for some campaigns to have this option turned off, but for most cases, it should be on when used with real contacts.




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