How Do I Get FunnelFLARE Certified?

Now that you have your FunnelFLARE account set up, why stop there. Get the most out of sales automation with our FunnelFLARE courses and training to become FunnelFLARE Certified. Just a few simple steps will get you access to the FunnelFLARE world of learning. Note that your FunnelFLARE LMS login is separate from your account login.


  1. Go to the FunnelFLARE LMS Home Page to register/sign up 
    1. FunnelFLARE LMSLMS_Hm_Pg.png
  2. Complete the registration fields then select 'Register Now'LMS_Reg_Pg.png
  3. You will receive a verification email sent to your email address (check your email and spam folders) to confirm your registration
  4. Now you can get started to become FunnelFLARE Certified
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