Managing System Pages in your account

To see the default system pages for your account, navigate to [your login link domain]/cta_pages/system

For example:

Here you will find a list of pages that are accessible for editing.


System Page Details

These pages in different situations as System Pages have different page use:

  • Default Opt-In page
  • Default Form Confirmation page
  • Default View Appointment Details page
  • Default Confirm Appointment page 
  • Default Cancel Appointment page
  • Default Communication Preferences page
  • Password Confirmation page
  • Password Reset page


Opt-In System Page

The opt-In Template page is the page that appears when your prospects click the %STATIC_OPT_IN_LINK% that you can add to your emails as a link or a button. There is a standard Opt-In page in FunnelFLARE where your prospects will be directed upon clicking the Opt-In link or button. 

*Note, this page will not appear if you use the Opt-In Form element (checkbox)


Form Confirmation System Page

Your customers see this page (automatically generated) when they submit a form and the form's Confirmation tab the option: "Display the following thank you message" is selected.

*Note: If you select "Display the following thank you message in place" the page will NOT appear.


View Appointment

When someone books an appointment with you, they are directed to a standard View Appointment page:

Dynamic terms to consider:







Confirm Appointment

When clicking "Confirm Appointment", your prospect will see the Confirm Appointment System page:



Cancel Appointment System Pages

If they click "Cancel Appointment", the Cancel Appointment System page appears:


To edit View Appointment, Confirm Appointment, and Cancel Appointment pages, click on the pencil icon next to them in the System Pages screen.

Dynamic Terms to consider:



Communication Preferences System Page

Communication Preferences page appears for those contacts who click the %STATIC_UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK% in the email. When they click it, a page with a form with the Unsubscribe element appears. 


Password Reset Page

This page is referenced using a password reset link (dynamic field). This page has a form that has a 'create password' form element, a 'confirm password' form element, and a 'hidden email' form element.


Account Confirmation Page

This page is rendered when a contact clicks the 'confirm account' link for a given password (dynamic field)


Important Notes:

  • You should have only one page per each type of System Pages (each page use), otherwise, they can conflict in the situation where a default page appears.
  • System pages are NOT published pages, they don't have a public URL where you can access them directly.


Creating A New System Page

A system page is just a Page Template with the Page Use property defined. If you want to replace an existing system page with a new system page, start off by creating a new page template  (Assets -> Page Templates, click 'New Template'). Once you have designed your new page template, set the 'Page Use' property (Bottom of the properties sidebar)


Then browse to Administration -> System Pages. Edit the 'old' page. Change the 'Page Use property to 'blank'. 


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