Drip Campaign Basics

This section will cover the basics of building drip campaigns in FunnelFLARE.

Drip campaigns, otherwise known as nurture campaigns, create a personal journey for an individual. Unlike a newsletter campaign, where you have a population of people, specific events are happening on very specific days, a drip campaign starts with an individual who meets specific criteria that starts the journey for the individual.

Starting a Drip Campaign

To start a drip campaign in FunnelFLARE, from the left menu select Automation>Campaigns and then Drip Campaign from the campaign types on the top of the screen.

Campaign Triggers

Select a campaign trigger. This first step determines what the is the criteria for a contact to be pulled into the drip campaign. For example, a contact filled out a Contact Us form, and that action was set as the criteria to be pulled into a specific drip campaign.

Campaign Overview Tab

Within the Campaign Overview tab, you have options to remove contacts from the campaign if they achieve a Goal and determine whether you want the contact to go through the campaign more than once. There is also a drop-down list option for a suppression list of contacts you do not want participating in the campaign.


What are you trying to do with the campaign? This is handled in the workflow which is a series of Decisions and Actions, and the Goals - the explicit action we are trying to get the prospect to take as a result of entering the drip campaign.

Decision Steps

Action Steps

Create a Goal as the explicit action you want a contact to take as a result of the campaign.

Leaving a campaign

There are several ways a contact can leave a campaign.

  • The contact unsubscribes
  • They completed a Goal (when the Stop processing prospects that are in the Goal Completed List)
  • They don't match the criteria of a decision in a workflow and no alternate route is given for those that don't match
  • They come to the end of the campaign
  • Adding the workflow Action 'Remove from List'

Read more about why contacts may be leaving campaigns.

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