Using the Email Builder Interface

In this article, we cover the basics of using the email builder interface to build and edit emails within FunnelFLARE. You will learn:

  • Using the email header
  • the Email Properties tab
  • the Email Style/Branding tab
  • how to add columns to your email (Structure tab)
  • how to add rows to your email
  • how to add content via the Content tab
  • how to use the Library

Email Header

Found at the top center of the interface, clicking the Header tab will toggle open or close the editor window. Here you can add the Subject, Preview Text, and edit the To and From Name as well as the To and From Address.



Email Settings Tab

In the top right of the interface window is a group of menu icons. The top one is the Email Settings tab where you can change the email name, select the email language, add a preview image, and more.


Email Styling Tab

This tab shows the default preferences for how your email will be styled. From this tab, you can edit the overall properties of your email such as Background Color, Text Color, Font Size, Top and Bottom Margin, and more.


Adding Columns to the Layout (Structure tab)

Opening the Structure tab will give you a choice of different column layouts which you can drag and drop onto your email.

Drag your selected columns over the layout

After the columns are dropped, they will display default placeholder text.



Drag your selected columns over the layout


After the columns are dropped, they will display default placeholder text


Adding Rows to the Layout

Rows can be added by rolling over the column sections and then clicking the stack icon on the right side of the group. Select duplicate to create a copy of the row and then edit with your content.


Adding Content

Clicking the Content tab will allow you to add content like text, buttons, images, and more.



Have content you use over and over? Save it to the library and then you can just drag and drop it onto your email layout as needed.


Each element you create in your email layout can be saved to the library by clicking the Save to Library tab.




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