Using the FunnelFLARE Outlook Plugin


Installing the plugin

  1. download the plugin (
  2. If Outlook is currently open, we recommend closing outlook before installing the plugin
  3. Install the plugin

  4. mceclip0.png

  5. mceclip1.png
  6. mceclip2.png

  7. Click The FunnelFLARE menu item

  8. Log Into your FunnelFLARE account


Using the plugin

The FunnelFLARE Outlook plugin allows you to track prospect engagement with emails that you send. If you send a tracked email, the FunnelFLARE Outlook plugin will automatically encode every link in your email and embed a tracking pixel into the body of your email. If the email is opened or if links are clicked by your prospects, FunnelFLARE will notify you about the engagement. As well, if anyone clicks a link in a tracked email that takes the prospect to your website, and if the website has the FunnelFLARE tracking script, you will now have visibility into everything the prospect has done on the website (since the tracking script was installed) and you as well will get notified every time the prospect returns to your website with that device.


To configure the default tracking behaviour:


  1. Every email I create, the default behavior is to track the email
  2. Every email I created, the email will only be tracked if I choose 'track'

In the email composer there will be a button that will allow you to toggle the tracking:

Do not track:




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