Using FunnelFLARE within LinkedIn

If you are using the FunnelFLARE chrome extension, FunnelFLARE helps you get more done with LinkedIn.  The FunnelFLARE chrome extension adds the following items to your LinkedIn work:

  1. Contact Panel (Contextual contact information from FunnelFLARE right in LinkedIn)
  2. Task Panel (quickly manage scheduled tasks from within LinkedIn)
  3. Prospect Insights (detailed engagement history on a contact)
  4. Quick add contacts into your FunnelFLARE account
  5. Automate messaging tasks
  6. Accepting Invites

1. LinkedIn Contact Panel

The Chrome extension injects a Contact Panel directly into LinkedIn to help you get more done with your prospect engagement.


Quick Add Tasks directly from the Contact Panel


2. Task Panel

Your task panel is visible everywhere you go within LinkedIn. Quickly manage tasks as you work!



3. Prospect Insights

Quickly access prospect engagement details for everyone you are connected with.



4. Quick Contact Add Panel

If you find contacts in LinkedIn that you want to engage with, you can quickly add them using the contact add panel. FunnelFLARE pulls in information from the LinkedIn page to reduce the effort of creating contacts.



5. Automate LinkedIn Messaging Tasks

Using FunnelFLARE's LinkedIn Message task, you can choose to have FunnelFLARE do the typing for you! Just complete the task, FunnelFLARE will automatically send your scheduled message to your contact.



6. Adding Contacts On Accept Invite

If you have enabled "Automatically add new LinkedIn connections to your FunnelFLARE account: in your account preferences, FunnelFLARE will attempt to add contacts to FunnelFLARE when you accept invites from within LinkedIn's Invitation manager:





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