FAQ: Identifying Background Processes

FunnelFLARE has some actions and procedures that run on background processes. As a result, some of the things you do can take time to complete and run in the background. 

If you find a process or action you took hasn't been completed after you did it, these FAQs are for you.

Q: I just added a bunch of contacts to a campaign using the Bulk Edit feature. How come they aren't in my campaign yet?

A: When adding contacts via a Bulk Edit, this runs a background process. It can take a bit of time depending on the number of contacts you performed the bulk edit on and the number of background processes running at any given time.

Q: I see a bunch of emails went out but it's not showing in the reporting. Why?

A: Reporting is not real-time. In some cases, it can take a few hours before the reporting updates. However, you can always try the refresh icon to look for changes.

Q: I just deleted a bunch of contacts but they are still on my 'All Contacts' screen. Why?

A: Bulk editing contacts is a background process, and this includes deleting contacts. The more contacts you try to delete at once, the longer it will likely take to see them disappear. If you accidentally delete some contacts, you have up to 4 days to restore them from your Trash before they are permanently deleted.

Q: I have an automatic (database change trigger) campaign. I turned it on and my contacts aren't in it yet. Why?

A: The database change campaign trigger is a query that runs every 10-15 minutes. When you activate it, it can take some time to run that query, and then add all the contacts - depending on the total number of contacts. Just give it a little time.

Q: What other procedures or actions can take time to run?

A: The following is a list of things that may require a bit of time to see them complete:

  • Any bulk edit action from the 'All Contacts' screen - this includes deleting contacts, adding to a user-triggered campaign, updating values, etc.
  • CRM Importing (this depends on your CRM and the import method available - i.e. scheduled import or a webhook)
  • Reporting updates
  • Contacts entering a campaign via Database Change (automatic)
  • Creating/Uploading a contact list
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