Setting up and using Employee Custom Fields

FunnelFLARE has a set of standard fields and custom fields that allow you to create the correct metadata model for your contact database. 


Read About Contact/Organization Custom Fields


FunnelFLARE has a set of standard fields for the employees of your account. You can extend these standard employee fields by using Employee Custom Fields.


Employees are special contacts in your database that have the Employer Organization set to your Account.  An Employee may or may not have a login account. All Employees can be managed from within your Account settings.  To manage Employee Custom Fields, scroll down below the Employee Table.



Any custom field that is defined here will be exposed (and can be set) on the Employee Contact edit page. These custom fields behave similarly to your existing Contact Manager custom fields in emails, messages, etc. 

For example, in an email to a prospect you can reference the contact manager's standard fields in this manner (in this example, an email):





Similar to all other custom field dynamic fields, there is both a 'raw' option and a 'formatted' version. The formatted version, where applicable, will be rendered as HTML. The raw values will be represented as plain text/CSV etc.


As well, you can reference the custom fields from within a workflow:



You should always use the 'Global' context when building queries that reference an employee custom field.



Referencing Employee Custom Fields assumes the contact manager is assigned for the current in-process prospect contact. If no contact manager exists for the in-process contact, any Employee Custom fields will be blank. Thus we recommend using a default value to ensure content renders. For example %CONTACT.CLAIMED_BY.CUSTOM_FIELD(DIVISION).VALUE[West Cost]%



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