Complete Guide To Getting Started With FunnelFLARE

This guide is to help get your account set up quickly so that you can focus on selling.

FunnelFLARE has some "set it and forget it" items you should do right at the beginning. Once you have done these, then you can really begin to see FunnelFLARE work to your advantage.

If at any point you need assistance with your account setup, don't hesitate to reach out to us on chat or send an email to

Here is a basic list of the things you should set up first. Click on the link to get connected to more information.


1. Run the Account Setup Wizard

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Account Setup Wizard.

When you first login to your new FunnelFLARE account, the Account Setup Wizard should appear. If you don't see this wizard, or choose to do it at a different time, you can always access it by clicking the wrench icon:

1: Add Your Website URL

The first step of the setup wizard will ask you for your website URL. If you don't have one, you can hit the NEXT button:


2: Upload Your Company Logo

If you entered your website URL in the last step, FunnelFLARE will try to parse your website for assets. If FunnelFLARE sees any images, you can choose from anything we find under the "Images parsed from your website" section. Alternatively, you can simply upload your company logo here as well.

Click the NEXT button to continue.

3: Connect Your Calendar

If you use Office 365 Calendar or Google Calendar, then you can connect FunnelFLARE to either of these tools. Choose your Calendar tool, enter your email and click the "Authenticate" button.

Note: Google users may need to enable less secure apps.


Once you authenticate, you can then select from the available calendars connected to your account. For most people this will probably just be one calendar.


For more information on Appointment Calendars see this video.

4: Connect Your Email

If you use a web-based email service like Gmail (or GSuite), Outlook, or Office 365 then select the appropriate one to connect. 

For Google & GSuite users: OAuth is used to authenticate your email. Fill out your email address and click "Sign in with Google." You will be redirected to Google to login to your account and authorize FunnelFLARE.

For Office 365 users: If you use two factor authentication you will get an error and will need to create an app password. Office 365 users can refer to this article.


If you use another webmail service, then you will need to either have access to your email server credentials, or talk to your IT department in order to get them. 

Fill out the fields below and click the TEST button.


If you are receiving errors, refer to If you can run a successful test from this third party tool, then you should be able to authenticate your email address in FunnelFLARE using the same credentials.


5: Connect Your CRM

Authentication methods can vary depending on the CRM you use. Select the CRM in the dropdown here, fill out any fields if they are shown, and click next and follow any other actions that come up.


Lastly, you may want to check to see that your CRM is actually authenticated after you complete the whole setup wizard. When you are done, go to Profile Settings and look at Third Party Applications section. If you see the blue arrow, click it to complete your authentication. If there is a black checkmark, you are good to go. See screenshot below:

Here are some additional articles and videos on CRM integrations:

CRM Specific Integrations:

6: Finished

You are now finished. From this screen you should install the FunnelFLARE Chrome Extension which is the next step below.

2. Install the FunnelFLARE Chrome Extension

From the "Finished" screen in the Setup Wizard, you have the option to do a few more things. At the very least you should download the chrome extension.

The chrome extension will allow you to have a seamless integration with your CRM and it will also contain your regular dialer as well as the powerdialer.


You can also download the chrome extension by clicking this link:

For a reference on the FunnelFLARE Chrome Extension you can view this article.

3. Setup Your Brand

Under Assets > Brands you can configure you business details, logos, and color schemes. View this article for more details.


4. Configure Your Appointment Calendar

Under Assets > Appointments you can configure your appointment calendar settings and landing page. For more info on setting up your calendar please refer to this article.


5. Install the FunnelFLARE Tracking Script on Your Website

FunnelFLARE has the ability to track website activity associated with your contacts. If you are using Wordpress, we have a very easy plugin which does all the work for you.

See this article to find the FunnelFLARE tracking script.


6. Setup Your CRM Field Mappings

FunnelFLARE has two-way communication with some of the most used CRMs available including Pipedrive, Pipeline Deals, Zoho, Sales Force, Fresh Sales, noCRM, and more.

If you followed the wizard in the first step, you should already have at least authenticated your CRM integration.

Next you will need to configure your field mappings for importing contacts from your CRM, and posting updates for contacts to your CRM.

Please be aware that if you are using custom fields in your CRM, then you will probably have to create those same custom fields in FunnelFLARE first, if you intend to bring that data in. 

Lastly, please be aware that FunnelFLARE requires all contacts to have a Contact Manager. If no contact manager is found for a contact, one will be automatically assigned.

The video below goes over the CRM field mappings for importing contact data from your CRM:

The video below goes over posting data from FunnelFLARE to your CRM:

7. Purchase a Phone Number

In order to make calls or send SMS messages, you will need to get a phone number. 

Since there are some usage charges associated with the phone numbers, the first thing you need to do is deposit at least $20 into your call tracking balance. You will not be able to acquire a phone number until you do this.


Once you have made a deposit into your Call Tracking Balance, you can purchase a call tracking number by adding it to your Assets > Phone Numbers:


Detailed information about phone numbers management in FunnelFLARE:

Managing Phone Numbers

8. Setting up your Email Signature

Navigate to Profile Settings > Preferences > Email Preferences. You will see a section in your profile where you can create your email signature. Once you create your email signature, save it by clicking the 'SAVE CONTACT' button in the bottom right hand corner as shown below:mceclip0.png

To use your email signature, all you need to do is use the %CONTACT.CLAIMED_BY.SIGNATURE% dynamic field in your email. This will automatically insert your email signature from your profile into your emails anywhere you use it.


9. Setting Up Personal Templates (Formerly "Call Completion Automations")

Personal templates are used to have prebuilt text, email, and voicemail drops that you can trigger right from the dialer.

To create a personal template navigate to Profile Settings > Preferences > Personal Templates > + NEW as shown below:

Once you click the "+ NEW" button, you will see the popup in the screenshot below. Build your template here and save it.

You have the option to create the following template types:

  • an email template
  • an SMS template
  • a voicemail template
  • a combination email and voicemail template
  • or a combination SMS and voicemail template.

Please note that all voicemail templates must be uploaded in an MP3 formatted audio file.

In the screenshot below, we have selected a combination Email + Voicemail template type. You would need to create an email with a subject line, and upload a voicemail audio file for this example.mceclip3.png

10. Add Contacts to your Powerdialer List

Watch this video to learn how to add contacts to FunnelFLARE's default PowerDialer List


11. Understanding & Building Campaigns (Sequence/Cadence)

Watch this video on the "I tried to call - Book An Appointment With Me" campaign

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