Checking for Duplicate Contacts and Duplicate Organizations

FunnelFLARE has a feature that detects possible duplicate contacts and organizations.

Duplicate Contacts

For contacts, FunnelFLARE uses a contact's email address as a 'lookup column'. This means that if we detect a contact that already exists with a specific email address, we will automatically attribute any changes to that contact instead of making a duplicate.

You may have seen the "Email Address (Lookup Column)" in your CRM Contact Updates field mappings.


There are however other factors we look at to detect possible duplicates. If FunnelFLARE thinks a contact is a duplicate, you will see it under Contacts > Duplicates. If you see a contact that is a duplicate then you can press the "Merge 2 Contacts" button.

Note: If there are more than two contacts will say "Merge X Contacts" where x is the number of possible duplicates. Also - merging contacts is a background process and will take a some time to process.


Duplicate Organizations

Similarly for Organizations, you can find possible duplicate Organizations under Organizations > Duplicates. If you wish to merge the organizations then the green button does the trick and merges the organizations in the background.


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