Can I trigger a campaign based on an anniversary of a recurring date?

Quite often we have a situation where we want to communicate with people about some specific recurring date, like a marital anniversary, renewal of a contract, etc. With FunnelFLARE you can easily track dates and trigger campaigns based time relative to the recurring date.


The Custom Field

To instantiate a campaign that is relative to a contact date, we will either need to make a custom field of the type Date/Time (Setting Up Custom Fields)


Store the specific value for the contact using

  • CRM
  • Import via csv
  • Form fill
  • API
  • etc

The Campaign

This campaign will require a contact changed starting step



For every date/time custom field or special date field, FunnelFLARE automatically creates a query for 'Next date'

For example, if I want to remind a contact that they need to schedule maintenance after their 'onboard' date. I create a custom field called 'Onboard Date'. FunnelFLARE will automatically create a Next Date query for my custom field.


This query will trigger for everyone who's 'Next Date' (i.e. next occurrence of this date in the next 12 months) is less than today plus 7 weeks (i.e. Is 7 weeks from today) will match the above query and will pull the person into the campaign. Thus we can trigger a reminder 7 weeks from this 'anniversary'.

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