What Are Email Sending Rate Limits, Email Throttling & How Do They Affect Me?

What are rate limits?

Rate limits are imposed on you by your email service provider and they limit how many emails you can send from your email account over a given period of time. The main reason email service providers impose rate limits is because it is used to control/limit SPAM. They do not want you to use their service for SPAM.

Some email providers like GSuite (paid version of GMail) might set a rate limit of 500 email sends per day.

What are my rate limits?

This depends on who your email service provider is, however FunnelFLARE sets a rate limit that is safe for most if not all email providers. By default your FunnelFLARE account will only send up to 200 emails per user, per day.

This can be increased up to 500 emails per user per day if you send a request to engage@funnelflare.io

For example: If you have a FunnelFLARE account with two users, you will not be able to send more than 200 emails in a day, and your colleague will not be able to send more than 200 emails in a day.

What happens if I hit my rate limit?

If you hit your rate limit, FunnelFLARE will show errors in the error log here:

FunnelFLARE will not be able to send any more emails for you that day however, contacts will NOT be dropped out of any of your campaigns. Instead FunnelFLARE will try again to send the email from your campaign when your rate limit is refreshed.

What is email throttling?

Email throttling is a method of minimizing the chances of hitting your rate limit. Instead of sending out a lot of emails all at once, emails will be sent out over time.

For example, if you initiate a campaign that is about to send out 100 emails, these emails will not all go out at once. They will "trickle" out over time to help prevent hitting your rate limit.

How does email throttling affect me?

FunnelFLARE will not send out to a large number of contacts all at once. Instead FunnelFLARE will send these emails out over the course of a few hours if there is a large number of emails to be sent.

What's the takeaway from all this?

If you are trying to send emails to 500 people right now, you will be throttled, and likely rate limited as well. This won't remove contacts from campaigns, however it just means some contacts will receive your email well before others.

If you are trying to make sense of contacts who do fall out of your campaigns, please read this article.


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