Contact Lists vs Contact Segments: What's The Difference & How Do I Use Them?

How Contact Lists Work

You may already be familiar with what a contact list is in FunnelFLARE. However if you aren't, it is a list that requires a manual action to explicitly add or remove a contact - OR requires an explicit automation step to add/remove a contact. This right here is the key takeaway regarding contact lists.


Furthermore, when you first make a new contact list, you have the option to build a query to populate your list with it's first group of contacts as shown in the following two screenshots.



When you upload contacts via Contacts > Import Contacts (for example uploading a CSV), this will also make a contact list that is already populated with the contacts you imported.

What is a Contact Segment and How Does it Work?

The easiest way to think about contact segments is that they are like an automatic list. You build a query, and based on that query people are added or removed. 

The query you build runs through your contact database on a regular schedule (approximately every 10 minutes). Those who match the query added, and those who no longer match it are removed.

How to Create a Contact Segment

You can make a contact segment from the All Contacts page by clicking the "New Contact Segment" button as shown below.


Once you click that button the following popup will appear. This is where you can configure your segment as shown below.


Why Would I Use A Contact Segment?

Contact segments can be used to automatically group contacts together that meet specific circumstances. Anything from email opens, to link clicks, to website visits, phone calls and more. 

One possible use would be to use a contact segment to automatically add a user to a campaign. In the screenshot below, anyone who is a member of this contact segment will be added to the campaign.


You can also use contact segments as another way to group contacts, then manually edit them using the bulk edit button from the all contacts screen.


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