How do I link a dropdown Custom Field in my CRM to a dropdown Custom Field in FunnelFLARE?

To import the values of a dropdown Custom Field that you have in your CRM to FunnelFLARE you will need to follow a few steps.


Step 1 - Create a multi-option picklist within FunnelFLARE

In your FunnelFLARE account, go to Administration = Account Settings. Scroll down to Custom Field Types. Choose if you want to create a field for a Contact or an Organization. Click [ADD CUSTOM FIELD TYPE] button:



Check the "Has dynamic options" checkbox.  This will allow the options list to be dynamically updated from your CRM.



Step 2 - Edit the mappings in CRM Contact Updates

Go to Contacts = CRM Contact Updates and edit the mappings.  Map your Pipedrive multi-option or single-option picklist to your newly created FunnelFLARE multi-option or single-option picklist.


The FunnelFLARE custom field will automatically update as data is pushed into it from the CRM.


This is everything that needs to be done!


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