Sequence (Campaign) Triggers

FunnelFLARE has two types of triggers for sequences: Contact Changed & User Triggered.


What's the difference?

In the simplest terms, the difference between the two is that one is an automatic trigger, while the other is a manual trigger.


Contact Changed is an automatic trigger. You will build a query and any contact in your contact database that satisfies your query will automatically be added to the campaign. This query runs every 10 minutes so if at any time someone didn't meet the criteria, and then something changes and they now do, then they will be added to the campaign automatically. There is no manual adding or removing of people from this campaign. It is purely based on the conditions you set for it. See the image below for example:


User Triggered is a manual trigger. This means you have to manually add someone to this campaign in order for them to go through it. You can add contacts to User Triggered campaigns from the contact's profile, on the All Contacts page by selecting bulk edit, using the "Add To Campaign" workflow action, or from a powerdialer session.


For example, on a contact's profile on the "Contact Details" tab, you can add a contact to a user triggered campaign as shown in the steps below:



Likewise, you can also do it from a powerdialer session:


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