Testing Your Emails From the Email Builder

You may have noticed that there is a "Test Email" button in the Email Builder. You can test your email to see how it looks in your email client by clicking that button and typing in an email address. However, you may find you run into some unforeseen challenges with that.


"Why is this?" you might ask.


Because when you make a new email, it is designed to work "out of the box" so that you can start sending emails to your contacts right away. However, when you are just getting started and looking to get comfortable with FunnelFLARE, you will probably want to run tests before you start sending out these emails. Once you are comfortable, then you will find this default configuration far more desirable as you will have fewer things to worry about to ensure it works.




By default, the "From" and "Reply" email properties are set to automatically be filled in by the contact's Contact Owner details. This is how FunnelFLARE is designed to behave in normal operating conditions. However, for testing, the easiest way to set up and run successful tests is to do the following.


  1. Create a test contact using a different email address than you use in FunnelFLARE - like your personal email address.
  2. Make yourself the Contact Owner of your test contact. (Remember: all contacts need to have a contact owner in FunnelFLARE)
  3. Open your email in the email builder and select the "Test Email" button.
  4. Type in your test contact's email address from step 1, deselect "Plain Text Version", and press the "Test" button.

You should now be able to test your emails, see them in your business email outbox, and view it as it would appear in the email client you use for your personal email inbox.

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