FunnelFLARE Chrome Extension Reference


  1. Snooze Notifications:  This temporarily disables the browser notifications
  2. My Account: This is a link to your FunnelFLARE account
  3. Preferences: This sets up your FunnelFLARE chrome extension
  4. Who is on my website now?: this gives you a quick view of the people on your website (requires the tracking script to be installed on the website)
  5. Messages: This gives you access to the FunnelFLARE SMS messenger interface
  6. Start a Power Dialer Session: This opens the power dialer interface
  7. Enable number links: For the webpage, you are currently on, it allows FunnelFLARE to parse the links for click to call
  8. Simple Dialer: This opens up the simple dialer for a quick call







  1. Browse Notifications Control: You can control the volume of browser notifications and what types of notifications you get
  2. Show Notifications For
    Any contact: This allows you to see notifications if other sales people's contacts are engaging on the website
    A contact that I manage: Only your contacts will cause browse notifications
    People I sent an email to: Only those contacts that you have an email conversation going
  3. Remove contact from list after processing: In a power dialer session, if this is checked, the contact that you are leaving is considered 'processed'. If this is checked, when you click 'Next' during a power dialer session, the contact you are leaving is removed from the power dialer list. The contact is not deleted, it is just removed from your power dialer list.
  4. Auto-select outbound number: If you have several outbound phone numbers in your account for different states/provinces, with this checked, FunnelFLARE will try to match the outbound number area code with a number from the same state as the prospect's phone number
  5. Auto-dial contact: If this is checked, if you click 'Next' the first number on the next contact's screen will be dialed automatically.



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