Integrating SalesForce CRM with FunnelFLARE Sales Process Automation Software

FunnelFLARE adds some killer features to SalesForce:

  • Automatic lead insertion
  • Contact insertions 
  • Click to call
  • Scheduled contact sync
  • Lead scoring
  • etc


Data is moved TO SalesForce one of two ways:

  1. Prospect does something (books a meeting)
  2. User manually clicks 'post to crm' on a contact/contact history
Data is moved FROM SalesForce using the Contact Import (Contacts-Import Contacts) or the Schedule Import (Contacts-Import Scheduler). These options are only available if you have SF API access for your SF account.
Connecting SalesForce to FunnelFLARE 
There are two ways to connect SalesForce to FunnelFLARE. One is using the API access, the other is using the SalesForce Web To Lead interface. 


(API Method)

Step 1
In your FunnelFLARE account (Administration-Account Settings), scroll down to Integrations - Third Party Applications. Click the 'Add Application' button.


Enter an email address that has admin login rights to your SF account.


Step 2

Click the 'authenticate button next to the app' 


Step 3
Scroll down to Custom Fields in the account settings in FunnelFLARE. Click the 'CRM Lead Field Mappings' button.
Map the fields from FunnelFLARE to SF. This mapping is used whenever FunnelFLARE Posts to SalesForce. The mapping for bringing contacts back to FF uses a separate set of mapping configured in the Contact Import section of the product.

(Web To Lead Method)

Step 1

Set up your Web To Lead interface in SalesForce

Copy the OID field from your SalesForce web form.


Step 2

In your FunnelFLARE account (Administration-Account Settings), scroll down to Integrations - CRM INtegrations. Click the 'Add Application' button.





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