Integrating PipelineDeals with FunnelFLARE Sales Process Automation Software

FunnelFLARE adds some killer features to PipelineDeals:

  • Automatic lead insertion
  • Click to call
  • Deal closed won posting to FunnelFLARE
  • Real time continuous contact imports
  • Lead scoring
  • Task Posting
  • Activity Scheduling
  • etc
As PipelineDeals forces assignment of a lead to a specific sales person in PipelineDeals, you will require at least one sales person in PipelineDeals to have an account in FunnelFLARE.



FunnelFLARE Lead Insights for PipelineDeals

To get the most out of FunnelFLARE and PipelineDeals, your first step should be to install the FunnelFLARE Lead Insights Chrome extension. This adds outbound call tracking, prospect and account overlays into PipelineDeals.




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The Basics 

FunnelFLARE is used to market to prospects, nurture leads, and report on marketing/sales results. Not all data from FunnelFLARE should go to PipelineDeals ... there are many very early stage actions that a prospect may take that are not yet ready for sales engagement. Using Automation, you can determine which prospect activities are ready for PipelineDeals and which are not.  The base case: Data flowing to PipelineDeals from FunnelFLARE happens when a prospect does something that FunnelFLARE is tracking. For example, a prospect fills out a form, this could create a new deal in PipelineDeals. 


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If we can make the assumption that marketing 'assumes' a lot of things about a prospect, and that the sales people 'know' what is going on with a prospect, then we can assume that the data in PipelineDeals is 'more accurate' than that in FunnelFLARE. Thus when a contact updates in PipelineDeals, we should tell FunnelFLARE about the contact. 


Note:Data flowing FROM PipelineDeals to FunnelFLARE is handled automatically using the Import Scheduler (Contacts-Import Scheduler).


The import scheduler sets up the connection between PLD to FF. It is not a scheduler ... there is a real-time update from PLD to FF whenever a contact is updated in PLD.


Setting Up PipelineDeals and FunnelFLARE Communication


Steps 1-4 needs to be done for each sales person in your organization who has a PipelineDeals account.


In PipelineDeals

Step 1:
In the sales person's PipelineDeals account (in PipelineDeals), go to the personal settings:




Step 2:

Select the individual's API Token (in PipelineDeals)




In FunnelFLARE

Step 1:

In FunnelFLARE,  go to the account settings (Administration-Account Settings) scroll down to the Employee's section. If the person who you want to connect PipelineDeals with is not in the list, click the 'Add Employee' button. Add the employee. Click 'Save Account'.



Step 2:

After the employee is added, in the account settings, scroll down to the '3rd Party Applications', click on the 'Add Application'

Scroll down find Third Party Apps,


Select 'PipelineDeals' from the list:


Select the employee from the drop down, paste in the API key. Click 'save account'.


Now on every contact details page (in FunnelFLARE), in the Sales Notifications area (not all account types have this), you will see a Post to CRM button


Clicking the button will post the prospect to PipelineDeals in the first position of your pipeline as a new deal.



Step 3:

Whenever a contact is pushed to PipelineDeals from FunnelFLARE, the standard and custom fields in FunnelFLARE can be mapped to the standard/custom fields in PipelineDeals. You must set this mapping up for FunnelFLARE to know which fields to update in PipelineDeals. In the Account Settings (Administration-Account Settings), scroll down to the Integrations Tab, Scroll down to the Field Mapping 


You can map FunnelFLARE fields to PipelineDeals Fields:



Optional (but highly recommended):

In PipelineDeals

Set up custom fields in PipelineDeals. The two fields we highly recommend you add are:
In your settings, browse to Customize fields, select the People Tab:



Add the following fields:


Field Name: FunnelFLARE Lead Score
Field Type: Text



The FunnelFLARE Lead Score will add the current lead score (calculated in FunnelFLARE) to the contact.

In FunnelFLARE

Importing Contacts From PipelineDeals - FunnelFLARE

After PipelineDeals has been linked to your account, importing contacts is easy. In FunnelFLARE, browse to Contacts-Import Contacts. You should see an option for pulling contacts from PipelineDeals:



You will be given full control over what to do if contacts exist, what fields map to what,etc.


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Automatically Push Prospect Engagement to PipelineDeals


If you are looking to have marketing email sends and marketing email opens in PipelineDeals, you will want to use the Activity Scheduler workflow item.


In PipelineDeals

Step 1:

Add new activity types:

  1. Marketing Email
  2. Asset Download
  3. Email Open (Optional - this is handled by the chrome extension)
  4. Email Link Click (Optional - this is handled by the chrome extension)




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