How does FunnelFLARE detect if a contact is on my website?

FunnelFLARE's prospect insights uses a tracking script that is placed on your website. When a visitor goes to your website, the tracking script drops a cookie into the visitor's browser and FunnelFLARE creates a contact (anonymous) in your FunnelFLARE database.  Whenever that person comes back to the website using that browser, FunnelFLARE detects that person as a returning visitor. All of the visits are tracked on the visitor's timeline. These 'anonymous' visitors show up in the chrome extension as 'anonymous' visitors.

If you have a person's email address in FunnelFLARE, that person exists as a contact in your FunnelFLARE database as a known contact. The actual person that the known contact in your database refers to could be on your website right now, FunnelFLARE does not know who is on the website, just that there is an anonymous person on the website. FunnelFLARE needs to connect the 'known' contact with the anonymous website visitor contact that is visiting your website.

This connection between the known contact and the anonymous contact is made when:

  1. The contact clicks any link in an email sent from FunnelFLARE (either from a tracked Gmail send, a tracked Outlook send, or from an email sent via any FF automation) that leads the person to your website
  2. The contact fills out a form on your website (How do I track when a prospect fills out a form on my website?)

If either of the two scenarios above happens, FunnelFLARE merges the anonymous contact with the 'known' contact, and that contact in FunnelFLARE becomes 'visible'. 

To short story here is, if you want to be notified when one of your contacts is on the website, send them an email that has a link to your website.


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