Authenticating GSuite Email With Two Factor Authentication

If you get the following error below authenticating a gmail or GSuite based email address, it's probably because you have two factor authentication enabled for your Google Account.





Create a Gmail Application-Specific Password in GMAIL


  1. Click your name or photo in your Gmail inbox's top right-hand corner and select "Manage your Google Account".

  2. Click the "Security" button on the left sidebar.

  3. Under the "Signing in to Google" section, select "App passwords". If prompted, enter your password.

  4. In the "Select app" drop-down, select "Other (custom name)". You can omit the "Select device" drop-down box.

  5. Give your app a name. Ex: FunnelFLARE. Then press the "Generate" button.
    mceclip5.pngYou should see the following screen after you generate your App password. Copy the password in the yellow block: mceclip6.png

  6. In FunnelFLARE, hover your user name in the upper right hand corner and select "Profile Settings".
  7. Scroll down to the "Third Party Applications" section. If you have an email server configured, remove it by clicking the 'x'
  8. Select the "Add Application" button on the right-hand side.
  9. In the popup window fill in the fields as shown below.
    1. Select "EmailServer" From the dropdown
    2. Type in your email address
    3. Paste the App Password you got in step 5
    4. Use the example given in the "Receiving Host and Port" field:
    5. Click "Save"

Your Gmail or GSuite email should now be authenticated.

If your authentication still fails, you may need to enable less secure apps in your Google account. Please see this article to learn how to do this: 

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