Why Are My Contacts Dropping Out (Exiting) of My Email Campaigns?

If you activate an email campaign and notice that contacts were exiting, it could be for a number of various reasons. By going to Analytics Reports -> Campaign Reports, you can view all the campaign exits for a specific campaign under the "Campaign Exits" section.


These are the most common reasons for campaign exits:


1. Google Rate Limits

If you are using GMail or a GSuite email address, google has rate limits that prevent the sending of a mass number of emails in a short period of time. FunnelFLARE does have a throttling feature designed to prevent hitting these limits. It will kick in if you are sending a larger number of emails in a short period of time and effectively pause your campaign for a period of time to ensure you do not hit the rate limits. 


You can find more information on Google Rate limits by reading this article.

You can find more information on how FunnelFLARE handles rate limits and email throttling by reading this article.


2. Logic Errors

There could be an error in the logic of your workflow. For example, a decision that only has one path away from it will inevitably have a way for users to fall out of the campaign. 


In this situation you will probably want to make sure you have a sequence of steps that contacts can follow if they fail the decision, as shown below:



3. They Completed a Goal

If you have a goal on your campaign and a contact has completed that goal, then they will be removed from the campaign if you have the following box checked on in your campaign overview tab:


4. They Have Already Gone Through This Campaign Before

If you have the box checked on below, then any contact who has previously been in this campaign before will be removed.



5. They No Longer Match The Trigger Query

If you have the box checked below, then anyone who no longer matches the conditions you set in your trigger query will be removed from the campaign.



For example, let's say you only want to send emails to people who you don't have a phone number for. If at any point someone in this campaign gets a phone number associated to their contact profile, they will be dropped from this campaign if the check box above is selected:


6. Their Email Bounced

Sometimes contact email addresses become deactivated for any number of reasons. Or perhaps the address you have has an error in it. Either way, the email you are sending to them bounces and does not get delivered. If this happens FunnelFLARE automatically will remove them from the campaign and unsubscribe them from further campaigns. You can see which contacts bounced by looking at Analytics Reports-> Drip Campaign Report and scrolling down to the Bounces section.


7. They Unsubscribed

The received an email clicked the unsubscribe link and completed the unsubscribe process.


7. You deleted a Wait step in a campaign

If you delete a wait step, everyone who is sitting in that wait state will drop from the campaign. 


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