Setting FunnelFLARE Audio Settings

If your audio device didn't connect automatically, you will see this message when you try to use the microphone:



If clicking the authentication link does not work you can still make manual adjustments to your FunnelFLARE audio settings. 


Setting up your browser 

Open up a new tab in chrome. Paste this in the address bar:





Ensure your headset is selected and FunnelFLARE is listed under 'allow'. Note, there are two ways to make calls from FunnelFLARE:

  1. Using the chrome extension
  2. Using the web application

If your permissions look like this in chrome



You have granted access to the web app, not the chrome extension.

If you do not see FunnelFLARE in the block or the allow, you will have to uninstall and re-install the chrome extension and ensure you click the 'allow' when prompted.



If you inadvertently clicked 'block', open a new tab and paste this in the new tab:




Then click here:



Click here to allow




Setting up your headsets

Add Default Device (Windows)

If you are having difficulty connecting your headset to the power dialer, usually it is because it is not set up as your default audio device. 


Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Playback Devices

  1. Select your headset and choose Set as Default Device
  2. Remove any laptop or computer speakers by right-clicking and selecting Disable
  3. On the Recordings tab, select your headset device as the Default device
  4. On the Communication tab, select Do Nothing
  5. Click OK to save your changes


Follow these steps if you want calls to ring out of your computer speakers but answer calls through your headset:

  1. Control Panel>Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Device
  2. Keep your internal speakers set as your default device
  3. Right-click on your headset and select Default Communication Device


Add Default Device (Mac)

  1. System Preferences > Sounds
  2. On the Output and Input tabs, select the connected device you want to use





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