Getting Started with Appointment Scheduling in FunnelFLARE

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is one of the best ways of engaging with customers as it lets the prospects choose what time works better for them to engage with your brand. Each sales user in FunnelFLARE gets their own fully-featured appointment scheduling system.

This article covers the following:

  • Appointment scheduler landing page
  • Appointment scheduler form
  • Configuring the appointment slots
  • Lead notifications (automated appointment reminders)

Personal appointment landing page

When you create an account in FunnelFLARE, a landing page is automatically generated for your appointment scheduler. These pages are responsive, customizable and already published (accessible to the public). The link can be shared with prospects and used in campaigns.

You can find your scheduler in Assets -> Appointments by clicking on the pencil icon to edit your appointment calendar.


All the user appointment landing pages will also show up in Assets -> Published Pages and can be accessed/edited from there:



Appointment scheduler form

Inside the landing page editor, you can simply click on a block to change the text copy, images, and styles. You can also edit the appointment form by hovering over it and clicking on the pencil icon:


Form editor opening in a new window is very similar to the page editor, and you can drag-and-drop content onto the form using the right-hand menu:



Configuring appointment slots

To link your existing Google or Office365 calendar, GoToMeeting or Zoom accounts, in Assets -> Appointments -> Your Calendar, edit the Calendar Sync tab:


To set the days/time when you are available for client meetings, drag areas on the calendar:


You can also set up specific meeting scheduling rules in the Scheduling tab such as the number of meetings per day, appointment length, etc.


Lead notifications (automated appointment reminders)

There is a single pre-built workflow in your FunnelFLARE account that controls all communications between the salesperson who owns the calendar and a prospect. This workflow is called "Lead Processing" and can be found and edited by an Admin user in Automation section.


This is the same workflow editor as the Drip campaigns`. An Admin user can edit this workflow to include SMS appointment reminders or make other modifications. Still, this is not required, and it is already operational when your account is created.


This is a shared workflow for all appointment reminders for all sales users in your account.


Watch this video for the basics of appointment scheduling in FunnelFLARE:







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