Using the FunnelFLARE Gmail Integration

Gmail Integration

The Chrome extension adds Gmail tracking. The benefit of using the Gmail integration is every email sent can be automatically encoded to track opens, clicks, and it connects the recipient to any anonymous website visits they may have had before they clicked an email link. 


  1. Tracking details




These options control the default behavior of the tracked emails being sent. When composing an email in Gmail, FunnelFLARE adds this checkbox to your composer:


  1. Track this email. If checked, all links in the email will be encoded (link click tracking) and a tracking pixel will be added to track email opens
  2. Personal Email Templates: this button gives you access to your personal FF email templates

Your preference setting determines the default behavior. of the checkbox. If you chose 'Track the email', this checkbox will be checked by default. If you choose 'Have the option to track email', the checkbox in the composer will default to unchecked.


Prospect Insights

Prospect insights are embedded throughout Gmail.  For example:

Email Review Pain



Hover Actions Enabled



Hover Actions Disabled



Tasks Side Panel

The tasks/visitors side panel is accessible from within Gmail. The button can be moved up and down




  1. Tasks tab
  2. Website visitors tab


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