Dialers & Phone Number FAQs

Below is a list of the most common questions we get regarding calls and call tracking.


Q: Do I have to get a call tracking number to use FunnelFLARE?

A: If you are planning on being able to track and automate your calls and text messages, yes. If you are just sending emails, no.

Q: Do I have to wait for the beep after someone's voicemail greeting before dropping my voicemail?

A: Yes, wait for the beep. Once you hear the beep you can click your voicemail drop. This will drop the voicemail in the background so you can move on to the next task or contact.

Q: Can I use my own phone or VOIP phone to make my calls? Do I have to use your Chrome Extension?

A: You need to use our chrome extension for outbound calls. Otherwise there is no way of detecting or recording outbound calls that aren't placed from your call tracking number.

You can however setup caller ID masking so that your actual phone number shows on the contacts caller ID instead of the call tracking number. There is a trade off with this though, so read the next question.

Inbound calls to your call tracking number must be forwarded to your main phone line (landline, cell, VOIP, etc.) in order for you to answer those calls. However if you aren't worried about people calling your call tracking number, then you don't need to do setup forwarding.

Q: For inbound calls, does someone need to call my FunnelFLARE number in order for FunnelFLARE to detect and record the phone call?

A: Yes. The trade off with getting people to call you back at a different number, like what could happen with caller ID masking for example, is that if someone calls you back on your caller ID number, it will be impossible to detect and thus record the call. 

If you truly want to use FunnelFLARE to its full advantage with calls, conduct all your outbound and inbound calls with at least one FunnelFLARE number. You just need to configure a default forwarding number (your business, VOIP, or cell phone) to be the destination number for inbound calls. This will allow us to track and record all inbound calls.

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