How to Change the From Address in Emails / How to Send Emails From a Different Employee

By default, emails in FunnelFLARE are sent from the contact manager's authenticated email address (%CONTACT.CLAIMED_BY.AUTHENTICATED_EMAIL%): 



However, you may want to send an email and have it appear as being sent from the authenticated email address of an employee that is not the contact manager.


For example, contacts may have Bob as a contact manager, but you may want emails in a certain campaign to be sent from Jane.


To do this, you will need to temporarily assign a different contact manager. 

Here are the steps to take:


1. Create a Contact custom field to store the email address of the current contact manager (Administration > Field Management > New Custom Field) : 



2. In the workflow, use the "Set Custom Field" workflow action to save the current contact manager's email address in the custom field you created in step 1. 




3. Change the contact manager temporarily using the "Assign Contact Manager" workflow action: 




4. Send the email 


5. Change the contact manager back to the original contact manager using the "Set Field" workflow action. The value would be the value of the custom field you created in step 1 (the initial contact manager's email address).



Example workflow:



Note that if you want to reassign the contact manager permanently, you can do so via the bulk edit feature in Contacts > All Contacts: 


You can select Set Field > Contact Manager Email and set the value as the email address of the new contact manager.






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